With future generations in mind, PKN ORLEN engages in a wide range of CSR projects and invests in zero- and low-carbon economy projects under internal documents adopted by the Company, including the CSR Strategy until 2022, the Code of Ethics, and the ORLEN Group Growth Strategy until 2030, announced in 2020, as well as international sustainable development initiatives we have signed.

Our projects are consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 announced by the United Nations and adopted by almost 200 countries, including Poland. Presented below are projects initiated or implemented by the ORLEN Group in 2020, which are assigned to strategic Sustainable Development Goals for the fuel and energy industry in Poland. The projects have been assigned to the specific SDGs by approximation, as the Sustainable Development Goals are intertwined and complement each other.This means our projects, given their subject matter, contribute to the achievement of more than one objective at the same time. It is also worth noting that in the case of companies the level of activity – in terms of scope and capabilities – is different than that of governments of countries around the world who are signatories to the UN declaration.

Sustainable Development Goals keyto the fuel and energy industry*

Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

  • ‘ORLEN for Firefighters’ programme

  • PKN ORLEN’s #GoodDriver campaign

  • ‘My Place on Earth’ programme

  • PKN ORLEN promotes economic patriotism

  • PKN ORLEN supports Polish producers

  • #SupportingPoland campaign

  • Discount on fuel for Territorial Defence Force soldiers at ORLEN service stations

  • Agreement between PKN ORLEN and the Warsaw University of Technology, Płock Branch

  • PKN ORLEN supports fight against informal fuel trade

  • 3rd edition of the ‘Bona Fide’ scholarship programme

  • Volunteering Week at the ORLEN Group

  • The ORLEN Foundation’s ‘Health for Płock’ grant programme

  • Expansion of the Płock City Bike system

Additional Sustainable Development Goalsfor the fuel and energy industry*

Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Goal 12: Sustainable consumption and production patterns

  • Petrochemicals Development Programme – expansion of the phenol production capacities

  • Optimising oil throughput

  • Commencement of construction of a visbreaker unit in Płock

  • Construction of a gas-fired power generation unit at the Ostrołęka power plant

  • Upgrade of the petroleum tar hydrodesulfurisation unit

  • Completion of environmental surveys for an offshore wind farm project in the Baltic Sea

  • Securing of financing for day-to-day operations and growth projects

  • Completion of the main part of the polyethylene 3 (PE3) project at the ORLEN Group’s Czech plant in Litvínov

  • Construction of a plant for making bio propylene glycol in Trzebinia

  • Construction of a unit using microorganisms in an industrial-scale production process in Trzebinia

  • ORLEN Południe, an ORLEN Group company, analyses the possibility of constructing agricultural biogas plants

  • Acquisition of an agricultural biogas plant of Bioenergy Project in Konopnica by ORLEN Południe

  • Increased collaboration with start-ups

  • ORLEN Inventor Tech Day

  • PKN ORLEN selects a trading partner under the GovTech program

  • Development of the ‘ORLEN IN YOUR PORTFOLIO’ programme for retail investors

  • ‘Best Research Project for Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A.’ competition

Goal 13: Climate action

*Source: ‘SDGs in practice. A guidebook for business’ Part 1 and Part 2 published by CSR Consulting. The SDGs of strategic importance to the fuel and energy industry were selected during workshops and research analyses exploring their impact and feasibility.


Goal 3: Good health and well-being

  • Manufacture of hand sanitiser
  • Manufacture of surface disinfectant

  • ORLEN Foundation’s support for hospitals combating the coronavirus epidemic

  • Over PLN 100m to support the fight against coronavirus

  • Protective masks from PKN ORLEN

  • ORLEN Group supports nursing homes

  • Charity drive as part of the VITAY scheme to aid healthcare facilities

  • Children’s Memorial Health Institute ambulances with ORLEN fuel

  • Hand sanitisers and protective masks on offer at ORLEN stations

  • Donation of protective products necessary to combat the coronavirus pandemic to the Vatican and the Office of Papal Charities

  • The ORLEN Foundation supports home education of children under the care of foster family group homes

  • Provision of ventilators to hospitals in Warsaw and Płock

  • Athletes related to ORLEN join the battle against the pandemic

  • Delivery of a temporary hospital in Płock by PKN ORLEN

  • Infolines supporting quick diagnostics for the inhabitants of the city of Płock and the Counties of Płock, Gostynin and Sierpc

ORLEN Group Integrated Report

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