In 2020, ORLEN Group’s capital expenditure reached PLN 8,992 million, up PLN 3,535 million (64.8%) on the 2019 capex figure.

Over 35% was spent on the Refining segment, 21% on the Petrochemicals segment, 19% on Energy, 15% on Retail, and 4% on the Upstream segment.

Increase in non-current assets in 2020 [PLN million]

image/svg+xml 3,174 1,912 1,722 1,329 400 455 8,992 Refinery Increase innon-currentassets2020 Petrochemicals Retail Corporatefunctions Energy Upstream

Capital expenditure by market [%]

image/svg+xml Canada 3% Lithuania 4% Poland 71% Czechia 19% Germany 3%

Major investment projects carried out in 2020 by segment:

Refining – up by PLN 1,453 million, or 84.4% (y/y)

  • Construction of a visbreaker unit in Płock
  • Construction of a polypropylene glycol unit at ORLEN Południe

Petrochemicals – up by PLN 962 million, or 101.3% (y/y)

  • Completion of the main part of the polyethylene unit in the Czech Republic
  • Expansion of fertilizer production capacities at Anwil
  • Construction of new units under the Petrochemical Development Programme

Energy – up by PLN 1,404 million, or 441.5% (y/y)

  • Upgrade of the TG1 turbine generator set at the CHP plant in Płock
  • Generation and distribution projects at the ENERGA Group
  • Project to prepare construction of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea

Retail – down by PLN 62 million, or 4.5% (y/y)

  • A total of 51 new fuel stations were opened, 30 stations were closed down/partnership was discontinued, and 12 stations were upgraded
  • 65 Stop Cafe/Star Connect outlets were opened (including convenience stores)


Upstream – down by PLN 232 million, or 36.7% (y/y)

  • Canada – PLN 254 million/ Poland – PLN 146 million

Assessment of project implementation

The ORLEN Group manages the structure of its capital expenditure in line with the developments in market situation, and focuses on the most effective investment projects. For a description of key projects planned for the following years, see section 'Market prospects in 2021' this Report.

The ORLEN Group’s financial condition is stable, with cash flows and available financing sources sufficient to implement the investment plans.

ORLEN Group Integrated Report

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