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The ORLEN Group’s strategy until 2030 sets the course for the Group’s transformation into a multi-utility group and a leader of the energy transition in the region.

Our growth will be based on a diversified portfolio of existing and future operations, whose development is guided by the direction of the Group’s transformation until 2030.

The energy transition is reshaping the environment around us Growing cost-effectivenessof renewables Technologyadvances Consumerpreferences Environmentalconcerns Electrification of transportand industry Ambitious reduction targetsfor greenhouse gas effects Societal ambitions to reduceenvironmental impacts Evolving consumer expectations from providers of goods and services Proactive and increasingly conscious consumers

The path of the ORLEN Group’s transformation until 2030 has been charted around renewable energy and advanced petrochemicals. Business diversification efforts will be driven by maximised profits from our existing core business, to be transformed based on new technologies, in line with the emerging environmental and consumer trends. Delivery of the strategy will further diversify our revenue sources, in line with the long-term objective of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

By 2050 ORLEN Group wants to achieve emission neutrality Zero net emissions CO2 in a petrochemical refinery1 CO2/MWh in the power industry 1) On current shares Operational objective2030 Net CO2 emissions Zero net emissions2050

Everything we do at the ORLEN Group is underpinned by our values

Group 8642 Business Society Enviroment Responsibility Innovation Competitiveness Modernity Development Ethics Profesionalism Cooperation People Power Courage Success Energy Safety Quality Compliance Reliability

The strategy also provides for resuming the progressive dividend policy, with the distribution levels at least on a par with the pre-pandemic values.

strategiczne-zalozenia-6 Dividend [PLN per share] strategiczne-zalozenia-6 1.44 1.65 2.00 3.00 3.00 3.50 1.00 min. 3.50

Our2030 aspirations

In response to technology trends and environmental challenges facing the energy sector, the ORLEN Group is set to become the leader of sustainable transition in Central Europe.

Leading player in Europe Presence in over ten Europeancountries along the entirevalue chain >2.5x 2019 EBITDA Leader of energy transitionin the region The largest portfolio of attractivereneawable and low carbon generationassets, with conversion to hydrogenpossible in the future >2.5x GW of renewable capacity Socially responsible business Investment in sustainable development,energy transition, decarbonisation,recycling and community initiatives 20% reduction target for carbonemissions >PLN 30bn of sustainabledevelopment CAPEX Stable sourceof value creation Focus on maximising returnson investment and maintaininga stable balance sheet Dividend payout of at leastPLN 3.50 per share 2-digit ROCE in the secondhalf of the decade Provider of integratedcustomer services Provider for fuel, energy andconvenience shopping needs, relyingon existing and new channels andon digital technologies >3,500 fuel stations >1,000 EV fast charging stations Strong European brand

Strategic logic behindORLEN Group’s growth

By 2030, we plan to spend a total of PLN 140bn on investment projects. The Group’s growth is based on a diversified portfolio of investments in its existing and future business areas.

strategiczne-zalozenia-5 strategiczne-zalozenia-5 Strategic logic Key business areas and segments Share in total CAPEX Upstream Refining Fuel detail Energy / gas distribution Maximisingperformance Hydrogen technologies R&D+I and digital transformation New mobility Recycling Investingin the future Petrochemicals Gas-fired power Renewable power Non-fuel retail Strategicdevelopment
Strategic logic Key business areas and segments Upstream Building a portfolio of gas production assets and reconfigure existing assets Improvement of the efficiency of and consolidate refining assets; further development of biofuels and biocomponents Expansion of the service station network and retail offering Optimising investment in energy infrastructure Refining Fuel detail Energy / gas distribution Maximisingperformance Hydrogen technologies Building position in the areas of new mobility Taking positions in hydrogen-based transport and energy production Driving technology advances and building capacity in recycling and biomaterials R&D+I and digital transformation R&D+I and digital transformation New mobility Recycling Investingin the future Further development of petrochemical assets (base products, advanced products and polymers) Rapid development of offshore and onshore wind and solar PV assets New channels and an integrated non-fuel service offering further development of state-of-the-art gas-fired power generation assets Strategicdevelopment Petrochemicals Gas-fired power Renewable power Non-fuel retail

By following the ORLEN2030 strategy, the ORLEN Group is set to become the region’s leading multi-utility with a strong asset portfolio.

Petrochemicals Share of speciality petrochemical products in the portfolio Installed recycling capacity ~16% ~25% - ~0.3-0.4 m tonnes Upstream Daily hydrocarbon production Internal gaz demand covered by integrated production ~18 kboe/d ~50 kboe/d ~0% ~20% Refining Refining capacities in key markets Biofuel production, including 2G biofuels (NIT/NRT compliant) ORLEN2019 ORLEN2030 ~36m tonnes/year ~45m tonnes/year ~0.3m tonnes ~2m tonnes Retail Number of service stations in Central European markets Number of fast charging points for electric vehicles >2,800 in five markets >3,500 in seven markets ~80 >1,000 Energy Installed RES capacity, including wind and solar Installed gas-fired capacity >0.5 GW >2.5 GW >1.1 GW 2 GW

ORLEN Group Integrated Report

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