People are one of the key pillars of the ORLEN Group’s strategy. We provide fair and friendly working conditions for our employees.  Relations with internal stakeholders and the external business environment are based on integrity, respect and on dialogue, cooperation and involvement of each staff member in fostering a culture consistent with the Company’s core values. The key objectives are to build the capabilities of a 'learning organisation', to support diversity and talent management, to achieve human capital synergies from the transfer of knowledge and competences across the ORLEN Group, to ensure the highest standards of occupational safety, to follow a policy of no tolerance for accidents, and to secure human resources for the future, especially in the context of the global skills mismatch trend.

Key factsabout the capital

  • Over 33,000 employees involved in the ORLEN Group strategy implementation (in 2020, the ORLEN Group was joined by nearly 10,000 employees of the Energa Group).
  • Multinational team in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Canada.
  • Representatives of various professions.
  • Multigenerational workforce.
  • Former employees with long years of service to ORLEN Group.
  • Potential employees – professionals and students of technical schools and universities who are at the point of choosing their field of study or future career.

The capitalmanagement

  • The ORLEN Group’s hiring policy is focused on recruiting top quality specialists for both day-to-day tasks and strategic projects.
  • We design initiatives to build the competences that are and will be important to achieving the objectives of our business strategy.
  • We develop engaging leadership, focusing on the advancement of managers' skills in creating a feedback culture, value-based management, efficiency improvement, and building multifaceted cooperation and innovation in teams.
  • We regularly conduct employee engagement and satisfaction surveys covering various areas of the working environment to get a better insight into employees’ needs and expectations and to make changes and improvements aimed at increasing employee engagement.
  • Age management and succession management solutions have been put in place to counteract adverse consequences of demographic shifts on the labour market.
  • We believe in social dialogue based on independence of the parties, legal compliance, as well as trust, mutual willingness to compromise, and observance of the rules.
  • We care to help employees achieve work-life balance, including through our ‘Family Friendly Employer’ programme.
  • Our employees are provided with medical care going beyond the scope of occupational medicine, and support for employees’ mental wellbeing (Occupational Psychology Centre) is an integral part of the organisational culture.
  • We work consistently to satisfy our talent acquisition and retention needs, focusing of specific target groups relevant to our business areas – current and prospective employees, as well as students and graduates of vocational schools and universities.
  • We maintain the highest workplace safety standards, building the awareness of safe work procedures and creating proactive attitudes among our employees and contractors. In practice, this means that the Group does everything it can to prevent accidents, industrial failures, fires and other unwanted incidents.
  • We offer employment opportunities to people with disabilities. Together with several other Group companies, we joined the ‘Work – Integration’ programme of the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON), aimed at recruiting people with disabilities from the open labour market.






ORLEN Group workforce




Employee turnover




Workforce fluctuations




Accident rate (Total Recordable Rate)




T1 PSER (Process Safety Events Rate)




Average training hours per employee, including:

















* Fluctuation rate -% share of newly hired people in relation to the total number of people employed

For nine years in a row, PKN ORLEN has been recognised by experts from Top Employers Institute as Poland’s leading employer. Based on the results of an independent study of the HR policies of surveyed companies, PKN ORLEN came in first in the Top Employer Polska ranking in 2020 and won the Top Employer Polska 2020 title once again. The TOP Employers Institute survey is conducted among the world’s best employers.

Key projects and initiatives in 2020:

  • In 2020, a particular emphasis was placed on the development of innovation and project work competencies, for which a gamification project was launched. We also carried out development efforts in the data science area and continued our development programme for project managers cutting across many fields of expertise.
  • In view of the challenges posed by the coronavirus threat, online lectures were given that addressed handling of tough emotions and situations and discussed the ways of supporting employees.
  • A further edition of the Career Development Session programme was held as a proven formula for building a culture based on partnership and feedback. The Career Development Sessions result in the creation of individual career plans for the employees based on the identification of their development needs in the context of the Company’s business objectives.
  • The Group employees benefited from a wide range of diversified development activities. They attended tailored training events (both open and closed), designed specifically to address the needs of a given area or employee, as well as postgraduate courses, or MBA programmes. In addition, they were offered opportunities to broaden and share their knowledge of the market through participation in trade conferences and events.
  • In 2020, we carried out the Employer’s Brand Ambassador programme to reinforce our image as an attractive employer, which included communicating PKN ORLEN’s strengths as an employer and building personal employee brands to show the people who form the ORLEN Group.
  • Two meetings were held for managers hiring or intending to hire persons with disabilities, as well as a meeting addressed to everyone interested in this subject. Further to that, individual consultations with a disability employment expert for PKN ORLEN employees were launched in December 2020. The expert is on duty once a week.
  • 85 persons participated in placements under the Headed for ORLEN programmes and the #Energy for the Future PKN ORLEN was a strategic partner of the Summer Stock Exchange School.
  • In 2020, we signed agreements for group internships with the Helena Chodkowska School of Technology and Economics, an agreement for project internships with the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology, as well as a framework cooperation agreement with the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw.
  • PKN ORLEN participated in career fairs (Virtual IT Career Fair, CSR Fair, Career and Internship Fair for Computer Specialists and Electronic Engineers at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology) at technical universities. Additionally, it was involved in a number of education and awareness projects, including the ORLEN Knowledge Day.


For more information on employee matters, see ‘Responsible employer’.


How human capitalinteracts with other capitals

In 2020, the ORLEN Group’s hiring policy was focused on recruiting top quality specialists for both day-to-day tasks and strategic projects. Acquisition of the ENERGA Group (9,731 people) and RUCH Group (407 people) in 2020 and expansion of the ORLEN Group’s power generation, petrochemicals, maintenance services, IT and retail areas led to a year-on-year increase in total workforce by 11,040 people to 33,377 employees.

Attracting skilled labour is key to maintaining and growing the components of manufactured capital.

Investment in growing human capital has a positive impact on the intellectual and social capitals, and thus also drives the financial capital. In order to attract top talent, ORLEN Group offers terms of employment that are unique both in terms of pay and non-financial benefits.

ORLEN Group Integrated Report

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