At the ORLEN Group, social capital stands for shared standards, values and behaviours, and relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including employees, the public, customers and trading partners, that are based on trust and commitment. We feel responsible for other members of the communities where we operate, therefore we engage in dialogue and support them in various areas of activity.

Key factsabout the capital

  • In our activities we follow the Code of Ethics that apply across the ORLEN Group and the ORLEN Group CSR Strategy until 2022.
  • We commenced work on a new sustainability strategy, which will integrate the Sustainable Development Goals, supporting the delivery of our 2030 business strategy.
  • Compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct is a mandatory criterion in the process of trading partner selection at ORLEN Group companies.
  • We take action in response to the current challenges in our environment (involvement in the struggle against the COVID-19 epidemic).
  • We are in dialogue and work with the local communities in our closest neighbourhood.
  • We consider health protection a top priority.
  • We counteract social exclusion and engage in initiatives designed to ensure equal opportunities.
  • We protect national heritage and support sports.
  • We take steps to protect biodiversity and raise environmental awareness.
  • In our relations with employees, we offer a safe working environment, provide decent working conditions and eliminate inequalities, ensure employee development, and support employees in balancing their personal, professional and social goals.
  • In our relations with customers, we are guided by our commitment to their health and safety, we respond to their expectations, work to improve accessibility of our facilities, and inspire the customers to act responsibly.
  • We seek to instil responsibility in our trading partners.
  • Our actions and their effects build up the trust of investors.

The capitalmanagement

  • In 2020, PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Foundation provided in-kind and financial support to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, in particular to medical and uniformed services and hospitals tasked with saving the life and health of infected persons, as well as to staff and residents of nursing homes. For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards society.
  • In 2020, we increased our involvement in health promotion. Responding to the needs of Płock residents, PKN ORLEN continued cooperation with the Maria Skłodowska Curie National Institute for Oncology under an agreement concerning the Comprehensive Programme for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Cancers and Respiratory System Diseases for Residents of the City and County of Płock. The partnership is the first project of this type in Poland. For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards society’.
  • In 2020, we continued implementation of countrywide projects designed to reach local communities, such as the ‘My Place on Earth’ and ‘ORLEN for Firefighters’ grant programmes and a loyalty scheme for volunteer firefighters registered in the National Firefighting and Rescue System. The ORLEN Foundation delivered successive editions of its scholarship programmes, including ‘For Eagles’ dedicated to children of the employees of PKN ORLEN and ORLEN Group companies and the residents of Płock and the County of Płock, as well as ‘BONA FIDE’ for university and college students.2020 saw the first edition of the ‘Health for Płock’ grant programme, addressed to non-governmental and local government organisations active in Płock and the neighbouring Counties of Płock, Sierpc and Gostynin.
  • We actively engage with local communities, mainly in Płock under the ‘ORLEN for Płock programme, and in other locations where we conduct business. Communication with the local community in and around Płock is ensured, inter alia, by an online platform called Free Information System for the inhabitants of the Płock region. For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards society’.
  • We engage in community projects aimed at reducing inequalities. In 2020, they were targeted at children under the care of foster family group homes and the Róża Czacka Centre for Blind Children in Laski, as well as senior citizens. For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards society.
  • We support professional and amateur sports (Alfa Romeo Racing Team, ORLEN Team Art, ORLEN Team, ORLEN Sports Group, support for Polish volleyball teams and the youth training system). For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards society’.
  • As a national giant, PKN ORLEN also supports initiatives designed to protect Polish national heritage. In 2020, we continued our cooperation with the National Museum, the Grand Theatre – National Opera, and the Fryderyk Chopin Institute. For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards society.
  • We pursue projects aimed at raising environmental awareness among our stakeholders. These include peregrine falcon conservation, bee keeping, environmental volunteering programmes, planting of trees and shrubs, creation of flower meadows, fish stocking of rivers, and cleaning of waterfront areas. For more information, see ‘Biodiversity protection’.
  • It is also important for PKN ORLEN to offer employment opportunities to persons with disabilities, which is why together with some other ORLEN Group companies we joined the ‘Work – Integration’programme of the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON), aimed at recruiting people with disabilities from the open labour market. For more information, see 'Responsible Employer'.
  • At PKN ORLEN, we run the ‘Family Friendly Employer’ programme, we help promote health, and we operate the Occupational Psychology Centre. For more information, see 'Responsible Employer'.
  • In 2020, the ORLEN Foundation continued its employee volunteering Volunteers delivered meals and shopped for groceries for seniors, prepared gift packages for nursing home residents, and offered assistance at the animal shelter. The Foundation also held the ‘Volunteering Week’ event.
  • In line with our Charitable Giving Policy, the ORLEN Foundation pursues charitable projects, with a particular focus on helping foster family group homes, and numerous social outreach initiatives. The ORLEN Group operates the ANWIL Foundation, ORLEN Unipetrol Fundation and Energa Foundation. We are also one of the founders of the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation. For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards society’.
  • PKN ORLEN actively engages in a number of initiatives aimed at improving road safety. In 2020, the second edition of the '#GoodDriver public awareness campaign was held to promote road safety rules.
  • In 2020, the #SupportingPoland campaign was conducted to strengthen consumer attitudes and encourage Poles to make informed decisions and opt for products made in Poland.
  • In 2020, PKN ORLEN increased the availability of ‘ORLEN IN YOUR PORTFOLIO’, the first long-term programme for retail investors in Poland. The website is already visited by more than 130,000 users, and over 7,000 of them decided to join the programme last year. One of the programme’s projects is the Investing Academy.


Key performance indicators for social capital include:





Scholarship programmes of the ORLEN Foundation – grant holders1




Grant programmes of the ORLEN Foundation

‘My Place on Earth’2 – applications submitted




‘My Place on Earth’ – grant-winning applications




My Place on Earth’ – estimated number of beneficiaries




'My Place on Earth' – volunteers involved in the implementation of the winning projects




'My Place on Earth' – persons with disabilities involved in the implementation of the winning projects




‘ORLEN for Firefighters’3 – applications submitted




‘ORLEN for Firefighters’ – grant-winning applications




‘We keep watch! We remember!’4 – applications submitted




‘We keep watch! We remember!' – grant-winning applications




Health promotion projects for employees

Additional preventive check-ups5




Health Zone6 – participants




Health promotion projects for local communities

Comprehensive Programme for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Cancers and Respiratory System Diseases for Residents of the City and County of Płock7, including:

'Health for Płock' grant programme – applications submitted8




'Health for Płock' grant programme – grant-winning applications




Information projects

Free Information System for the inhabitants of the Płock region – users9


over 1,000

nearly 1,000

Employee volunteering programme

Volunteer campaigns






                  over 1,000


Estimated number of volunteer campaign beneficiaries


over 2,800


Sponsoring projects for Płock residents




Customer engagement in charity projects11

Vitay programme and Yanosik application points donated by customers for charity causes


136,097,525 (including 76,749,000 for fight against COVID19


PKN ORLEN suppliers obliged to know and accept the ‘PKN ORLEN Supplier Code of Conduct’, the ‘Anti-Corruption Policy of the ORLEN Group’ and the ‘PKN ORLEN Rules for Accepting and Offering Gifts’




1) Scholarship programmes of the ORLEN Foundation: ‘For Eagles’ – a programme for children of the employees of PKN ORLEN and ORLEN Group companies; ‘My Above-Average Interests’ – a programme for schoolchildren from Płock and neighbouring areas; ‘BONA FIDE’ – a programme for university students; a programme for people of Polish origin living beyond Poland’s Eastern border; a programme for charges of foster family group homes; 'Life to the Full' programme for athletes with disabilities; the ‘Masters of Chemistry’ programme.
2) ‘My Place on Earth’ – a nationwide grant programme to support the development of local communities, including by reaching small towns and encouraging activity of rural communities. Projects covered by grant applications could benefit such areas as sports, safety, education, history, culture, environmental protection, animal protection and sustainable development.
3) ’ORLEN for Firefighters’ – a countrywide grant programme run since 2000, designed to support firefighters from state and voluntary fire-fighting units and to develop local communities. Fire-fighting units may apply for grants to help them pay for fire-fighting equipment, as well as equipment used in water, flood, road, technical, medical, chemical, environmental and technical rope rescue operations.
4) ‘We keep watch! We remember!’ – a grant programme addressed to NGOs and local government organisations across Poland. The applicants may receive support for the revitalisation of memorial sites important to the local community.
5) Additional preventive check-ups –as part of ‘Prevention at Your Fingertips’, preventive health check-ups are provided at the workplace. In 2019, employees had an opportunity to have densitometric tests, HCV tests (detecting the hepatitis C virus) and hearing tests done. Parents of children aged from nine months to six years could have their children ultrasound scanned with a view to early detection of cancer. In 2020, in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak, this form of pro-health activities was replaced with webinars on building immunity at the time of the pandemic, which were attended by approximately 160 people.
6) Health Zone – in May 2019, PKN ORLEN employees in Płock, Warsaw and Włocławek were offered the health zone where they could consult a physiotherapist, have a massage or undergo a podoscopic examination of their feet.In 2020, in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak, this form of pro-health activities was replaced with webinars on building immunity at the time of the pandemic, which were attended by approximately 160 people.
7) Comprehensive Programme for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Cancers and Respiratory System Diseases for Residents of the City and County of Płock – initiated by PKN ORLEN and run by the National Institute of Oncology, in partnership with the National Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Institute. Its focus is on early diagnosis, promotion of recognised treatment standards, as well as education and outreach activities motivating people to change their lifestyles.
8) 'Health for Płock' grant programme – a grant programme addressed to non-governmental organisations and local government institutions operating in Płock, as well as the Counties of Płock, Gostynin and Sierpc. As part of the project, applicants may receive grants for such purposes as the organisation of training courses, workshops and lectures on medical prevention
9) Free Information System for residents of Płock and the Płock region – the system was established to provide information about social, cultural, sports and other projects initiated by PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Foundation. It also warns of possible environmental nuisance and temporary impediments caused by the operations of PKN ORLEN’s production plant in Płock.
10) Engaging customers in charity projects – customers may donate points collected in the VITAY customer loyalty scheme and YANOSIK app to social and charity causes.

How social capitalinteracts with other capitals

Thanks to the initiatives undertaken as part of our sustainable development efforts, we can obtain better financing terms for our projects and minimise various risks, which has an impact on the financial capital.

Our health promotion programmes, the ‘Family Friendly Employer’ programme and a wide selection of fringe benefits offered by the employer are aimed at strengthening human capital. Their purpose is to help employees maintain a work-life balance and encourage them to keep fit and take care of their health. A healthy employee who is satisfied with their job is more likely to take on new challenges, works more efficiently and is dedicated to their job.

The broad range of initiatives benefiting local communities (grant programmes, scholarships, involvement in cultural and sports initiatives) contributes to building an environment conductive to company growth and more investment in manufactured capital.

Our social outreach projects strengthen the ORLEN brand awareness, which translates into greater value of the intellectual capital.

Involvement in projects aimed at raising environmental awareness among our stakeholders has a positive impact on the natural capital.

ORLEN Group Integrated Report

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