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Respect for values and principles of ethical conduct is a pillar of the ORLEN Group’s operations. Our mission: ‘By Nature, we Fuel the Future Responsibly’ reflects the assumptions and objectives set out in the ORLEN 2030 strategy. We put them into effect in accordance with our corporate motto: ‘ORLEN. Powering the future. Sustainably’. 

All our activities are underpinned by the fundamental values of the ORLEN Group, which invariably are: Responsibility, Progress, People, Energy and Dependability.

In May 2021, the ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN’ that were in place at the Company were replaced by a new Code of Ethics . The ORLEN Group adopted a new mission and updated its corporate motto.

The new Code of Ethics is a set of up-to-date, clear and practical rules of ethical conduct for all ORLEN Group employees, based on a revised approach to understanding ORLEN values: Responsibility, Progress, People, Energy and Dependability, as well as the current scale or operations and operating strategy, the requirements of the Group’s environment, and best practices in the field of business ethics.

Key objectives:

  • Translate ethical values and standards of conduct into the implementation of the ORLEN Group 2030 strategy;
  • Ensure common understanding of the ORLEN’s mission, corporate motto and values;
  • Harmonise the ethical system across the ORLEN Group;
  • Foster desired ethical attitudes by referring to the common Code of Ethics;
  • Build a modern corporate culture based on ethics and values.

Key benefits:

  • Conducting business and managing human capital in accordance with the highest ethical standards;
  • Engaging in building economic and social values that will distinguish the ORLEN Group from its competitors;
  • Building trust among stakeholders and strengthening positive image of the ORLEN brand;
  • Mitigating the risks related to a crisis in human resources management;
  • Enhancing involvement of employees in the joint implementation of the tasks assigned to them.
  • The development and implementation of the new Code of Ethics marks the opening of a new chapter in the ethics system management at the ORLEN Group, which is growing dynamically, implementing the ambitious ORLEN 2030 strategy, and evolving into a strong multi-utility conglomerate with an increasingly stronger international position. It is crucial that we act based on fundamental values that are clearly defined and unchanging. The standards of conduct set out in the new Code of Ethics have been aligned with the requirements of the new strategy and business objectives. Doing business responsibly supports achievement of the Company’s strategic objectives in the long term. This helps build confidence in the Company that lasts even when it faces temporary problems. Furthermore, respect for shared ethical values in everyday relationships has a direct impact on the motivation, well-being and mental health of the employees.
  • The responsibility for building an ethical work environment rests with every employee. The management have a special role to play, as they are responsible for fostering awareness, promoting and supporting ethical attitudes.
  • In line with global trends relating to compliance with ethical requirements, an Ethics Team has been operating within the Human Resources area since June 1st 2020. Its main responsibilities include coordinationof all ethical issues based on the provisions of the Code of Ethics, in accordance with the assumptions of the ORLEN 2030 strategy and the vision of ORLEN Group growth. The Ethics Officer operates as part of the Ethics Team. However, the autonomous and social nature of the Ethics Officer’s role have remained unchanged. The Ethics Team and the Ethics Officer are tasked with increasing employee involvement in building corporate culture based on ethics and values, which is to be done by enhancing communication and training activities and implementing consistent ethical standards at PKN ORLEN and ORLEN Group companies.
  • The values, principles and standards defined in the Code of Ethics apply to each ORLEN Group employee from their first day of work, regardless of their position or form of contract. Even if some of the standards of conduct contained in the Code of Ethics do not apply to a given job, this does not relieve the employee of the obligation to respond to or report violations of the Code.
  • The direction of changes and measures we undertake has been appreciated by both Polish and international experts. In 2021, PKN ORLEN was the only company from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe to have been awarded again the prestigious title of The World’s Most Ethical Company.

ORLEN Group Integrated Report

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